Chort provide a method for making soft copper connections classification: what are the purposes?

2018-06-30 ZOETE 1365
  • the copper foil soft connection: also called soft copper connections, copper type soft connection, is the quality 0.05~0.3mm thick copper foil as raw material, copper foil laminated part pressed together, through the polymer diffusion welding current heating the split melt extract welded.

  • copper bus flexible connection: also called soft copper connections.

  • copper stranded wire soft connection: as a conductor, the two ends of the selection of brass, brass surface plating treatment, the joint standard according to customer needs to produce, and then through the disposal together, make soft connection, soft grounding. Copper stranded wire soft connection with high conductivity, strong anti fatigue ability. Mainly applicable to all kinds of high voltage electrical appliances, communication equipment, vacuum appliances, mining and other related products, such as the use of the soft connection. To deal with the quality risks brought by the conventional cold binding processing method.

  • tin plated copper braided with soft connection: for a variety of high-voltage electrical appliances, vacuum, mine explosion-proof switch and automobile, locomotive and other related products to do the soft connection with.

  • the transformer is installed with a soft copper wire connection.

  • Soft copper connections of application: it is used for the installation of the transformer, high and low voltage switchgear, electric vacuum, sealing groove master, generators and buses, rectifier equipment, between the rectifier cabinet and the isolating switch between connection and bus connection. The electric conductivity can be improved, the installation error of the equipment can be adjusted, and the function of the compensation function, the convenience of the test and the maintenance of the equipment can be played.

  1. What are the methods of copper soft connection? There are several cases of copper soft connection:
    short circuit current is too large, many of the hard bus can not meet the requirements of dynamic stability, especially in the export of the generator

  2. the load current is relatively large, the hard bus need to be connected in parallel, the installation will not be put.

  3. considering the thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon.

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